• Post-doc Associate 

    Department of Health Policy & Management at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for a post-doc position in health economics/health policy. You will participate in several federal-funded research projects evaluating the methods to cover medications to Medicare beneficiaries with mental disorders, racial and geographic variations in overall medication use and adherence, and their correlations with medical-care use. You are encouraged to develop independent projects along this line of research. This position can potentially be developed to a faculty position. 

    Applicants should have excellent writing skills, strong background in health policy/economics, statistical/econometrics analysis, in the areas of pharmacy benefit design, cost-effectiveness analysis using large existing observational data. Please send cover letter indicating your research interests and how your interests match with the brief description of the proposed research projects, CV, and names of 3-references to:  JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


  • Senior Economist/Project Manager 

    Pharmaceutical Economics Research Group in the Department of Health Policy & Management at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for a senior economist position in health economics/health policy. 

    Applicants should have excellent writing skills, strong research background in the field of economics, and superb multitasking and organization skills to prioritize research agendas.  Qualified candidates should have some experience in health policy, economics, and health service research so you can understand the scientific aspects of the research projects in order to prioritize the tasks to make sure things are getting done in a timely fashion with superb quality. PhD in economics or health service research are preferred. To apply, please send your one-page research statement, CV and writing sample to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .


  • Student Trainees 

    The Pharmaceutical Economics Research Group is welcoming motivated students who are interested in participating in the group as a contributing team member. Students can learn how to design a study, conduct statistical/economic research, and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Our approach is to use large existing data and advanced statistic/economic models to study the effect of interventions on health outcomes and medical spending. We make policy recommendation based on our findings. The experience will prepare students for an exciting career as a rigorous researcher or advanced graduate education in related field. We offer paid positions but we normally recruit students who already have extensive experience working on similar areas as our funded research projects. For other current doctoral/master students already having scholarship or financial support from other sources, we welcome you to participate in our group and use our resources to develop your own research ideas and thesis topics. Interested students please submit a CV, a paragraph describing your goals (300 words) to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .


  • Summer Research Program 

    Each year we offer 1-3 positions for a 10-week full-time summer research program with stipend to students with different background (e.g., economics, statistics, computer modeling, machine learning, and policy analysis). Starting time can be flexible. The application deadline is normally April 1 and we will make decisions by the end of April each year. 

    Applicants selected for this program will be matched to a currently-funded project he/she is most excited within the first two weeks and throughout the entire program students will be exposed to systematic research training and career mentoring experience. Participants will learn how to design a study, develop an economic/statistic model to evaluate the study question, conduct literature search, analyze and communicate results. The end goal will be producing publishable manuscripts. The stipend is $5000 for this Summer Research Program.

    Applicants please submit a one-page personal statement (300-500 words) describing your research interests, career goals, and how this summer research program will help you achieve those goals. Please include details of prior research activities, if any, and other factors that should be considered when evaluating your application. Please also submit a CV, contact information of two references, and sample codes that can demonstrate your programming skills (SAS, Stata, R, etc), to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .